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Frequently Asked Questions

    How long after the "sell by" date is dog food good?
    Petsmart had my dog's dog food, Natural Balance, 50% off to sell it fast. The "sell by" date was Christmas. How long would this be good for after Christmas?

    • ANSWER:
      6 Months, any more than that and it can begin to breakdown and not resemble the nutritional labeling on the package and could develop mold, etc.

    how many times does your dog poop a day?
    I feed my dog expensive dog food - natural choice I think it's call?
    Anyways he seems to poop 4 times a day? Is that normal? Two times after each meal. A few hours apart. Or sometimes like after 5pm meal he will go at 5:30pm then again at 5am.

    • ANSWER:
      On a anormal day my dog poops ,After brekkie
      then again on his afternoon walk
      and again after his evening meal ,
      so about 3-4 times a day

    What is best, all natural dog food out today?
    I would like a to switch to dog food that is all natural, with no by-products that will give my dog a long and healthy life. I am using Nutro, but I heard it is not that good. Please feel free to submit your answers.

    Thank You

    • ANSWER:
      RAW is the BEST

      here is somthing you should know about kibble
      10 Secrets Pet Food Companies Don't Want You to Know

      1. Pet food is NEVER mostly meat.

           Many ads suggest that it is...      In order to list a meat source
           first on the bag label pet food companies resort to a variety of
           gimmicks.  Here are a few to get you thinking.  1st Listing a "wet"
           ingredient in what ends up being an essentially dry finished product.  
           Wet meat gets a lot lighter when the moisture is cooked out.   This
           labelling loophole is blatantly deceptive to the general public.  All
           ingredients should be weighed and listed in dry weight equivalents
           for you to know truly how much of each makes up the ration.  If the
           label lists, "chicken" it means chicken weighed when wet.  Drop 75%
           of the value.  If, on the other hand, it says, "chicken meal" they
           play fairly.  If it says, "meat (any type) by-product meal" or "meat
           (any type) by-products" it was never meat to begin with.  Find another
           food.    Another gimmick is to "split carbohydrates" (grains) into
           multiple parts to get the "meat" to list first.  Label ingredients are
           listed in descending order by weight.  So, If  you have 10 lbs. of
           chicken meal and 25 lbs. of rice, which should appear first on the
           label?   Chicken of course! (if you want people to buy the stuff).  
           Here's how it's done...
           1st- CHICKEN MEAL, 2nd- GROUND RICE, 3rd- RICE BRAN, 4th- RICE GLUTEN. 
           Pretty sneaky and obviously deceptive unless you know the trick.  Rice
           Flour, Brewer's Rice and Rice ala Ronny could also have been listed if
           they really wanted to be fancy.   A related tactic is to use a variety
           of grains with different names to get meat listed first.  This is
           slightly more valid since they have different amino acid profiles and
           are truly different ingredients.   Grains cost a lot less than meat. 
           Meat "by-products" cost a lot less than meat.  Both also have considerably
           less food value.  The last gimmick for now is the campaign to convince
           the public that meat by-products and meat are just about the same thing. 
           Hmm... "Honey, I'm having a ribeye steak tonight and you're having a nice
           pile of by-products, ok?"   "Would you like the chicken breast or the
           intestine-cartilage-beak medley with your rice, Bob?"  "Well gee Dear,
           doesn't really make any difference to me, they all sound equally delicious,
           nutritious and healthy!"  By definition, by-products may contain anything
           from the specified animal except, (in the case of chicken), feathers and
           feces and, (in the case of beef), hoof, hide and feces.  Meat and fat are
           separated out first because they are costlier and are therefore not
           present in any appreciable quantity.  What's left is the bones, tendons,
           cartilage, beaks, feet and innards. Proudly displayed and masqueraded
           as meat.  A pet food bag is not a place for dumping stuff of unknown 
           nutritional value.  Some foods even use the term  , "SELECT by-products".  
           All these contortions serve one purpose;  To make you think that you're
           getting more meat than you really are in your bag of pet food.  After all,
           who'd pay for a bushel of corn?!  Well, keep reading!


      2. The cooking process used in pet foods KILLS off a vital component: enzymes.

           In order to eliminate bacteria and make cutesy shapes that pets care
           nothing about, processing temperatures in excess of 160 degrees F are used
           to extrude or bake your pet's food.  So what?  Well, glad you asked.  This
           places the entire burden for digestion on your pet's pancreas to supply the
           enzymes necessary for breaking down nutrients for absorption.  In nature,
           this is far from the case.  Animals naturally follow the path of "least
           digestive resistance" in the wild.  Consider the fox who catches a rabbit. 
           First item on the menu is the contents of the gut.  Let the rabbit do the
           digesting and enjoy!  The rabbit spent hours nibbling grasses and grains
           readying them for the fox's easy absorption of carbohydrates.  Quick and
           cheap fuel.  Next the fox buries or hides the rest to stew a spell.  What
           we call, "turning rancid" the fox calls, "just getting better".  In a couple
           days, the live enzymes in the rabbit meat have broken it down into easily
           digested protein.  Notice how no fire was used in this process?  For dessert,
           a little bone gnawing for the marrow, the calcium, and the teeth cleaning,
           and it's naptime.  Left for the lower animals in the hierarchy are most of
           the by-products and the hide.  Let's get back to your pet.
           In puppies and kittens, the pancreas is usually robust and up to the task
           of supplying sufficient digestive enzymes to make dead food somewhat useable
           and fulfill it's other vital functions.  With age, however, pancreatic
           function is weakened and often can't keep up with this undue burden.  If the
           pet food fed day in and day out is of low nutritional value to begin with,
           the taxing effect on the system will be all the greater and the pancreas
           will most likely give up that much sooner.  The consequences to your pet's
           health are too broad in scope to cover here.

      3. Giving "real food" aka "table scraps" is the RIGHT thing to do!

           Stepping on a lot of toes here to smash the myth that you should only
           feed the stuff from the bag and nothing else ever, PERIOD.  What is it
           they are afraid of anyway?  That your pet will learn to beg?  Unlearn
           that.  That your pet won't eat the chaff they call "food" after tasting
           the real deal?  Probably.  Or that it will throw the delicate balance of
           their finely tuned "nutrition" out of whack somehow?  He He Hoo, hardly. 
           Here's the scoop...  Providing real food (not potato chips or other junk
           food) in its raw form counteracts some of the deficit that can be caused
           by only feeding commercially prepared pet food.  It can provide the living
           enzymes to make digestion an easy rather than burdensome process.  But,
           don't just go wild and throw everything in the feeding trough.  Good bets
           for pets are raw carrots, broccoli, yoghurt, cheese, garlic and meats. 
           Cooked oatmeal, rice, corn, squash and the like are fine too.  Don't feed
           raw grains, legumes, potatoes, onions, celery or chocolate which are either
           unusable or unhealthy.  If you aren't comfortable with  raw meat and fish,
           don't do it.  Keep in mind, they aren't people and have an entirely
           different gastro-intestinal system than we do.  Introduce new foods a
           little at a time about three times a week to start and give your pet's
           pancreas a much needed break.

      4. Most "vet recommended" foods pay mightily for the "honour".

           Does it matter that the majority of vets know very little about pet
           nutrition?  The public is told to, "Ask your vet".  The vet is told by
           the pet food companies, "we'll send you to Hawaii for a week of golf
           if you sell and endorse XYZ brand pet food".  In school, vets-to-be could
           ELECT to take an overview course in animal nutrition.  Or not.  There have
           been changes of late to make this required study.  AS IT WELL SHOULD BE! 
           You are miles ahead if you understand the pet food label yourself and take
           the time to learn some basic nutritional concepts.  It's not that
           complicated!  Find out for yourself, trust your own judgement and ignore
           what people say who are getting paid to say it.

      5. The #1 vet recommended brand is probably the #1 worst pet food value.

           Without mentioning any names, if it lists corn as the first ingredient on
           the label and gets blasted by the competition for it, you know the company. 
           Read the label!  Compare it to the cheapest stuff you can find.  There
           isn't a dimes worth of difference in most cases.  How much does it cost
           them to make a 40 lb. bag of this stuff you may wonder?  Right?  Sit down. 
           How about less than including the cost of the bag?  How much does the
           duped public shell out for the bushel of corn and peanut shells most
           recommended by vets?  About .  "Have a nice flight to Maui, Dr. Cutter
           and thanks again for your support".

      6. Feeding "Soft-Moist" diets will cut your pet's life expectancy in half.

           Thankfully, these foods are on the steep decline but aren't gone yet. 
           Perhaps killing your customers isn't a good way to develop long term brand
           loyalty.  These toxic morsels are so loaded with chemicals to stay soft
           and prevent molding and so laden with sugar to cover the harsh chemical
           taste, they rip a pet's insides out.  The sweetness is addictive and
           you'll hear owners say, "Fifi just won't eat anything else".  Well, then
           better buy the small bag because who knows how long Fifi will be eating at
           all?  Anybody feeding this garbage should stop at once and the manufacturers
           of it should be faced with a class action.

      7. Many companies have "slithered" away from using ETHOXYQUIN.

           The once popular, and staunchly defended as safe, preservative (antioxidant)
           called "Ethoxyquin" has been mostly abandoned  because of "hushed" litigation
           and settlements with professional breeders.  It formerly was championed by
           pet food manufacturers (and others) as an advanced and healthy inclusion in
           pet food in an attempt to hide the fact that it was never intended to be
           eaten,  much less on a daily basis. It was originally formulated as a rubber
           stabilizer and a color retention agent.  Tires stayed pliable and spices
           stayed red.  Despite efforts to get it approved as a food stabilizing agent
           in people food,  it is only allowed for extremely limited application with
           colored spices.  The people who know the devastating truth about this
           ingredient when eaten daily by pets have been paid off and forced to never
           tell their stories.  There are innumerable instances of stillbirth, sudden
           liver failure, kidney dysfunction, permanent pigment changes, tumors and
           death thought to be caused by the addition of this wonder substance to pet
           food starting in about 1987. Much of the talk about ethoxyquin has quieted
           since the major pet food companies jumped off the bandwagon and switched to
           safer (and less legally troublesome) preservatives like forms of vitamins
           E and C.  If they want the trust of the public, they should own up to their
           mistakes and come clean.  Fat chance.  All you'll get is denial.

      8. Nature didn't intend for pets to eat dry food devoid of enzymes.

           Convenience is paid for in reduced pet health.  Where is it written
           that your pet's bowl has to be filled with chalk dry nuggets of
           quasi-nutritious ground up brown stuff?  We've been sold on a bad idea.
           We bought it because it made life easier.  Until the real bill comes,
           that is.  But doesn't kibbled food make their teeth shiny and their
           breath fresh?  Won't their teeth fall out if they eat soft stuff?
           Yeah, right.  Ever watch your dog eat?  Does it look like some kind
           of teeth cleaning exercise?  How about the cat?  Really getting the old
           gum line clean huh?  The truth about teeth cleaning is this...
           sticks, rocks, yarn, bones, toys and saliva primarily accomplish this
           task,  not food.  Commercial pet food has to be flavor enhanced with
           digest and sprayed-on fat to be even remotely attractive to your
           pet.  Without these palatability modifications, the old dry kibble
           would just sit there and get dusty.  People get paid big money to
           invent coatings to make your pet dive headfirst into the food bowl. 
           Because then you smile and feel like it must be healthy and that Fifi
           loves the food and you too so you'll buy it again.  Right?   Remember,
           the fox didn't go in search of a crunchy rabbit.  It ate the soft
           one and it has a dazzling smile and a fully charged pancreas.

      9. Some companies sneak sugar into pet food to hook your pet.
           Watch out for these guys!  They call it other things of course...
           (cane molasses, corn syrup) but it absolutely does not belong in
           your pet's food bowl.  Processed sugars are foreign to dogs and
           cats and over the long term can result in obesity, tooth decay and
           diabetes (along with other maladies).  Until 2 years ago,  propylene
           glycol was being used as a sweet tasting preservative by those who
           must have cared much more about shelf life than about pet health. 
           Thankfully, it has finally been banned.  Pet food companies will
           tell you that the industry is tightly regulated and  that your pet's
           health is being fastidiously protected.  Do you buy that one?  The
           FDA can't even keep up with human food and didn't lift a finger on
           behalf of the pet owners during the ethoxyquin debate.  The regulating
           body for pet food ingredients is AAFCO.   The American Association
           of Feed Control Officials.  The rules and definitions they adopt are
           made by those with vested interests and are enforced through
           "voluntary compliance".  The fox guards the rabbit hutch here.

      10. Almost all manufacturers use stool hardening agents in pet food.

           Convenience again triumphs over pet health.  Stool modifiers make
           clean up easier and mask the effects of nutrient malabsorption.  
           Who's going to buy a pet food if you've got to SCRAPE up after
           your dog?  It's easier to just stack those little bricks into a
           pile or kick them elsewhere.  Consider however the strain on your
           pet's innards.  Would you put concrete mix in your pancake batter? 
           How about sawdust?  If you were dieting, would you mix ground peanut
           shells into your breakfast cereal?  Well, they do all that and more
           for your beloved pet.  See if any of these made it into your pet food
           bag:  sodium bentonite, powdered cellulose, beet pulp,  tomato
           (or any other) pomace, ground peanut shells?  The explanation for
           including these usually is that they are fibre sources for your pet's
           well being.  Maybe a little truth there but not the real reason they
           are added.  Whole grains provide great fibre content.   A bit of bran
           would do well too.  The real goal is to make you buy the food again
           because clean up time is so easy and enjoyable with brand XYZ's
           designer stools.  Before you do this to your pet, try it yourself
           for a few days.  One question to ask a company representative is
           this, "Aren't there times when my pet needs to evacuate it's system
           rapidly such as when a toxin is ingested or when the kitty or doggy
           flu comes around?  Is having a cork in there at all times really a
           good idea?  You'll then likely hear mumbling about "Our research..."
           and "regulating intestinal transit time for optimal  nutrient
           absorption".  Do you buy that one?  If the food is good and fed
           properly, stools will be fine without forcing your pet to work a brick
           through their digestive and excretory systems.

    I want to know what is the best all natural dog food for my 6 month old puppy?
    I have a 6 month almost 7 month old chihuahua. I want to find the best dog food for her all Natural no fillers. My friend said that Blue Buffalo is the best for dogs. I was just wondering your opion and why of the dog food you suggest. Also treats, bones and dental chews if you use the same or a diffent brand. Thanks for the suggestions.

    • ANSWER:
      Blue Buffalo is a good brand but unfortunately it's had some recalls lately, along with some other brands considered "natural." I feed Castor & Pollux Organix - nothing special, but has not been involved in any recent recalls, such as Natural Balance and Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul. I think safety is a huge issue when choosing a pet food, so anything that hasn't been recalled is high on my list. Having said that, there is no "best" food for all dogs - it depends on a lot of factors, and sometimes price has to be one of those factors. You might also try Innova or Instinct - I don't think they've had recent recalls, either.

    What is your opinion on Pedigree brand dog food?
    With our dogs we mixed Everpet and Pedigree dog food together.For my female I also give her moist dog food usually natural choice.
    Also if there are better dog foods could you recommend any for a female that is nursing four puppies.I feed her some puppy mixed with adult and some moist dog food.

    • ANSWER:
      Its about the worst there is. Good foods are Blue Buffalo, Wellness, Castor & Pollux, Merrick, Taste of the Wild, Canidae and Solid Gold.

    What is your opinion on Diamond dog food(natural line)
    I know that a couple years back that they were one of the ones that had a problem with tainted dog food. And now they have a all natural line. I am currently feeding my 2 y/o pit bull that and that seems to be the only food she likes. So I am wanting to know what your opinions are on it?
    I am feeding her the all natural Lamb and Rice formula
    Ol'Roy is crap!

    • ANSWER:
      Great choice! I feed Diamond Natural Beef & Rice. It is actually better quality than the Chicken & Rice and is less expensive..go figure? I don't feed the lamb because it can tend to lead to loose stools. Lamb is a very "rich" meat, but very good.
      Here is a link where you can analyze the ingredients in pet food. It is based on a "star" system with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the best.
      (it is in 2 parts. The link for the second part in on the left side of the page)

      You will be surprised how many so-called "top quality" foods are really junk!

    What are your opinions on California Natural dry dog food?
    Been reluctant to try ther natural dog food after my dogs previous bad reaction to natural dog food , but just wondered what your experience were with this brand of dog food, i had alook at the ingredients today.

    • ANSWER:
      I have had nothing but good experience with this brand of food. Dogs need to get used to it because there are no fillers in it (corn and wheat products). This is a very healthy kibble for your dog, if you are interested in maintaining proper health and nutrition. Corn and wheat products in dog food are similar to humans eating processed and refined sugars. Bad for us. Try to keep your pet's food as natural as you can! Another good one to try is Natural Balance. I actually combine the two brands and my dog loves it!

      Ease your dog into the transition by gradually adding more of the new food to his old food until he is "weaned" off the old stuff.

      Believe me, you WILL notice a difference in your pet's coat and energy level by switching to foods with no by-products.

    How about dairy products for dogs such as milk, cheese?
    Aryan is a vegetarian! His dog food is natural organic that does contain chicken flavor but has oat, rice as it's ingredients. What more healthier food can Aryan have?

    • ANSWER:
      You have to watch with dairy products for dogs - the fat in whole milk and most cheeses could cause pancreatitis, which is a very dangerous condition that could, over time, lead to internal bleeding and death. I would avoid milk totally. My vet said my dog could have a little bit of non-fat yogurt every day, and a tiny tiny bit of low-fat cheese no more than once a day. The vet said eggs are fine - like no more than 1 per day. Apple slices are fine (just no seeds - dangerous!) - carrots are fine - banana slices fine - cooked sweet potatoes fine - pumpkin fine - green peas fine. A little bit of corn is fine (but don't be surprised if you see kernals in his #2 in the yard!). No cob tho - they could choke - cut off the corn kernals first. Avoid onions, garlic and grapes and raisins - could cause big kidney problems in dogs.

    what is a natural dog food that my dog will like the taste of?
    I've been feeding my dog natural dog food but he doesn't seem to like the taste. Any other dog food he will eat. But I would like to stick with natural. Any ideas?
    Thanks for the help! I've been using Natural choice and he just doens't seem to like it!

    • ANSWER:
      The dog will eat it if you don't give it any other options. No healthy dog will starve itself. Put the food down for 15 minutes, and if he/she doesn't eat it, pick it back up until the next scheduled meal. Don't give it ANY people food or treats in between these scheduled and measured meals. I suppose if you can't discipline yourself to do this, you can try Merrick with limited grains or Taste of the Wild which is grain free.

      Add: If you're talking about Nutro Natural Choice, it's not a good food to begin with.

    can you mix wet dog food with a different brand of wet dog food?
    i just gave my 11 week old puppy some "cesar" wet dog food with "natural choice" wet dog food mixed together with some dry dog food mixed in it. i added the dry dog food because my puppy needs to get use to eating the dry food now and i mixed together the wet food just to spice things up. but my question is, is it safe to mix a wet food with another brand of wet food together? thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      You can definitely mix wet food with dry food. I usually like to stick with the same brand of wet food as my dry food. Reason being if I'm feeding a premium food like Natural Choice that is made with quality ingredients and exclusively manufactured in Nutro owned factories in the US, I want to ensure that my wet food is going to be of the same quality.

      Other than that, there is no reason why you cant mix them.

      Hope that helps :)

      Pet Nutrition Specialist

    Can you help me find a general natural dog food?
    I want to switch to natural dog food but I don’t need anything too fancy. No allergy or special breed formula. Just something that is well-rounded nutrition, affordable and has a good reputation. Thoughts?

    • ANSWER:

    Anyone know of a good natural dry dog food made from chicken and Yams?
    My Chi puppy is ill, and on vets orders I am feeding him poached chicken and yams. Can anyone recommend a good natural dog food company so when he is allowed off it I can put him back on a great dog food? Thank you for your help.

    • ANSWER:
      I feed my dogs Wellness Fish and Sweet Potato. It's pretty expensive, but it's worth it! Retail price is about 50 bucks, I believe. I pay for a 30 pound bag (I pay wholesale price, and I get an employee discount b/c I buy it from my job!) It's 100% natural with no by-products or fillers. Don't feed your baby any more than what the package says; probably around 1/2 to 1 cup a day for a chihuahua.

    How can i get my dog to stop licking her paws?
    I have a 6 year old golden retriever and she is constantly licking her paws. I have switched her to a better dog food, Diamond Naturals: Lamb and Rice. I also took her to the vet and he gave her meds for a week but she still keeps licking! Also a different vet have her meds that when she started licking i gave her pills for 6 days i did this for a few months but it never seemed to stop the licking. I just want her to be more comfortable, she has her paws raw.

    • ANSWER:
      When something a vet gives you doesn't work, you are supposed to TELL THE VET. The vet can then try something else. Your dog may have inhalant allergies (dust, pollen mold spores, etc. in the air we all breathe). Paw licking is a common symptom of inhalant allergies. For inhalant allergies, you can go to the Benadryl website, and find out how much of which kind of Benadryl to give your dog IF that is what your dog has. Benadryl does NOT work on all dogs but it may help your dog IF your dog has inhalant allergies.

      Paw licking can also be due to stress and anxiety. Stressed, anxious dogs need more exercise and mental activity. Teaching a dog new things and giving it plenty of exercise usually work well.

      The BEST thing to do is to go back to the vet, tell the vet the meds did nothing at all, and ask what the problem is and what else you can do. It is never a good idea to treat a dog without knowing exactly what the problem is. Your six year old dog should be on a Senior Diet.

    Anyone know of a good ALL NATURAL dog food?
    I have a puppy and I am wanting to get her some all natural dog food. I heard that it can help with the drainage of their eyes and it much better for them. Can anyone recommend a good brand?


    • ANSWER:
      a raw food diet is the least processed food you can feed a dog. it comes in premade brands like Nature's Variety medallions. usually premade raw is expensive. if research is done like nutrition calculating, people can feed raw food on their own.
      Most small pet stores have more natural dog food available and usually the store owners are certified in dog nutrition so always ask!

    What is the best dog food for a rottweiler puppy?
    I have a 4 month old German rottweiler puppy who has a very dull coat and is not very energetic. I want to switch to an organic/natural dog food but I also want it to be for large breeds (to keep up with her growth). Help! I do not know what to get! I have been feeding Science Diet Large Breed Lamb and Rice, but she doesn't like it and it hasn't helped with the coat. Am at my wits end.

    • ANSWER:
      I use Eagle Pack Holistic for Large and Giant breeds for my mastiffs. It gives them a shiny coat, they all have good muscle tone, and the puppy food is specially formulated ofr large breed pups so it doesn't have too much protein.

    How do we get rid of the permanent foul smell of our Rhodesian Ridgeback?
    We are the original owners of a champion bred three year old male Rhodesian Ridgeback (that's a dog if you don't know). He gets bathed regularly and eats very high quality dog food, California Natural. He gets very little "people" food and treats. But no matter what we do, less than a week after his bath he is actually offensive again. I mean, I can't even pet him without my hands smelling. He's the most beautiful, and sweetest dog we've ever had but the smell is too much to bear! We aren't sure if it's the breed (I think ridgies have bloodhound in them) because they're in the hound group and hounds tend to be oily and smell or what. He also sheds worse than any dog I've ever owned in the summer months. His vet says he's healthy so I am at a loss. Oh, we tried the doggy wipes and they did zilch to help the problem. Any ideas or reasons as to why this is happening?
    Yes, he eats dry food only, and we have hard wood floors. Mostly due to that he ruined our carpet. He's not allowed on beds or couches and ruins his doggie beds within a couple of months and we have to replace them because of the smell.

    • ANSWER:
      We had this problem with some of our dogs until I found out about the BARF diet (Bones and Raw Food).
      Since changing over to the barf diet the smells have gone and the dogs are more healthy and happier than before when fed on traditional commercial dog food(dry/canned).
      I would recommend the barf diet to anyone.
      You can find info on the BARF diet by researching on the Internet.

      Hope this helps

    Where can I buy good dog food in canada?
    I want to buy good dog food brand like innova but cant find it any where in toronto. Can someone tell me where i can find them a good natural dog food store?

    • ANSWER:
      Look in the phone book for a Ryans or Global Pet store

      other way to find is the store locator on (innova )

      There are two great Canadian brands of pet food, which can be an asset, when the one mad cow incident occurs any dog food that contained lamb or beef made in the US was turned away from the border. which reeked havoc for pet owner if they ran out of food before Canada across the border again, which is one of the problems that happened to me.
      Right now I feed EVO rm but I am keeping a close eye on Orijen as they are supposed to be coming out with a bison formula, as soon as that occurs I will be switching so I don't run into that problem again with sick dogs, right now I make sure to restock once I get down to 2 weeks left of food

      But here are the Canadian companies they make Go Natural, Foundations and Summit

      and champions food which makes arcana and orijen

      These foods are also sold in the same stores as Innnova

    What kind of dog food should I switch to?
    I have I 10 month old retriever and she is eating Wellness dog food witch is all natural found with vegetables and good meat but her poop is really runny all the time I she farts a lot. She poops in her crate sometimes. then I took she to the vet and he said to switch dog food the one he recommend the dog didn't like. So I want to know what you think i what a dog food the is very good for her. Is Eukanuba good?
    I can afford good dog

    • ANSWER:
      Eukanuba is horible .. Wellness is on of the best. IT may not agree with her tho.!

      mix sum canned pumpkin in with the dog food ... (giving them less dog food of course ..just a few table spoons) it is low cal ,good for them and most dogs LOVE it. ( canned unsweetened, unspiced plain ole pumpkin)( not the pie filling tho) you can get it anywhere.IT is also great for diarrhea and constipation.

      I have researched this in depth since my poor dog died of kidney failure due to poor quality dog food!!
      Fromm Dog Food is Great for dogs and cats … - per 30 lb bag
      NO fillers….some good quality grains….NO corn….gluten or by-products or wheat
      ALL human grade food….fruits…veggies and probiotics!!
      check it out you wont regret it ! has a high protein content (not recommeded for non athletic dogs)
      Taste of the Wild contains Ethoxyquin which is a toxic fish preservative. (TOTW says that the cooking process kills all of it but it scared me away from their product)
      around for a 30 lb bag .... its the cheapest 6 star food .. lots of great dog food choices on this site !!

      Orijen is great but it is - for a 30 lb bag…high protein as well ..not good for non athletic dogs
      Fromm Is what my puppy gets it has a lower protein % and great ingredients! 5 outta 6 stars due to lower protein (but most dogs should not have high protein levels …. It makes their kidneys work overtime for no reason)
      You can get it online and if you go to the website you can find stores near you .. they wont be at walmarts and the like... they are in feed stores .. Agway..tractor supply stores etc

      IF your dog is not going to be a hard working/agility dog all this high protein can do more harm than good in the long run,,, you wont notice it now but it can take its toll on a dogs kidneys as it ages.

    Do you feed your dog California natural dog food?
    I'm thinking of switching my small dog (Schnoodle) to California natural dog food as she has allergies.
    If you have bought this brand before could you tell me what a small bag costs and which formula you recommend.

    • ANSWER:
      I've used California Natural before. When the dog has actually had a food allergy it worked pretty well, if the dog has other problems, then not. I recommend Lamb and brown rice. A small bag costs around .

      What I like much better is Natural Balance. Cost is around the same. They use potato instead of rice and that's more appealing to me. I've had dogs not do so well with rice.

    What are some good stores or online merchants to buy healthy dog treats that won't break my wallet?
    I've become a little more conscientious about feeding my dog healthier foods (natural, organic, low fat). Seems to me Petco/Petsmart/Pet Supplies offers some options, but they are so expensive.

    • ANSWER:
      You can make your own dog treats. I bought the Three Dog Bakery cook book and use it often to make my own treats. They are easy and cheap to make, plus my dogs love them!

    Why my dogs poop so much if I feed them with a premium natural dog food brand?
    I have 3, they are 5month, 7 years and nine years old. I buy a bag of this expensive natural dog food for puppy, one for adult dogs and the older gets senior. They all poop 4, 5 times per day; the puppy even more!.
    Why is that??? what can I do?

    • ANSWER:
      Hello Daniela

      Couple of possibilities.....

      1) if you have just changed their brands over and not done a slow transition the it will be because their ph system is adapting and they will firm and reduce.

      2) Depends on the "natural" ingredients because when you read what can be classed as natural you will be surprised because there is no quality requirements and it is a "marketing" term!

      Link below will cover all aspects and help you work it all out!

      Good Luck

    What is a good holistic (natural) dog food?
    I'm looking for a top quality 100% natural pre-mix dog food. I have previously used Dr. Harvey's, but would like to try another just for comparison. I don't mean a dry or canned food. Something that you mix with water, and cook yourself.

    • ANSWER:
      Have you looked at Oma's Pride or Steve's? Bravo? Do a google for premade raw diets. I don't know of many freeze dried add water type of diets that meet the criteria of being 'all natural'. Why not just feed raw?

      ETA: I feed Dr.. Harveys brand Exotic Parrot to my African Grey. I have never tried any of Dr. Harveys for dogs but looked at it. We feed raw and it seems more like a BARF diet.

    What kind of dog food will make my toy poodle gain weight?
    It has to be delicious, ok. He is very picky and he won't eat just anything... which is the problem. I buy him Natural Balance dog food rolls, which he likes but he just doesn't eat much of it. He's about 9 inches tall and he's like 4 lbs. I can count every one of his ribs (you can't see them because of the fur but when he's wet, you can really tell just how skinny he is. All his bones are soooo prominent and the vet even asked me one day if I was feeding him! I want to get him some food that he'll scarf down and can't get enough of. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      I would try canned dog food... that seems to work well with most dogs who need to gain weight... if using dry dog food try adding chicken broth or that dog gravy.. that works too. I also recommend asking your vet how much food you should offer him at each feeding... that would really help too ... if the dog is allowed to have free feeding he may not eat all his food... smaller dogs it works better to have set meal times.

    How much fiber should a dry dog food have?
    I have a German Shepherd puppy and I am feeding him Earthborn Holistic Grain-free: Primitive Natural dog food.
    Crude Protein, not less than 38.00%
    Crude Fat, not less than 20.00%
    Crude Fiber, not more than 2.50%
    Moisture, not more than 10.00%
    Is he getting the proper amount of fiber?

    • ANSWER:
      He's getting plenty of fiber from all of those carbohydrates he doesn't need!

    Where can I buy human-grade dog food for my puppy in Western Europe?
    I live in Brussels, Belgium and am looking for more natural dog foods containing human-grade products for my puppy. I'm having trouble finding high-quality dog foods at the pet shops in town and would be willing to shop online. I know that Canidae is a good food, but I went on their website and as far as I can tell they only deliver within North America.

    Can any suggest good, premium, holistic pet food companies in Belgium/ the UK/ Western Europe that would deliver or have stock in stores in Belgium?

    To the people who have been giving ignorant replies to my question, do you seriously have nothing better to do with your time?

    And I do supplement my dog's diet with meat from the butcher's.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi there.

      Postal Pets ship Eagle Pack and Fromm's all over the UK so contacting them about shipping to Brussels is a possibility:

      Eagle Pack Holistic is highly recommend.

      Zooplus have various Europeon outlets:

      Best of luck!

    Is it okay to mix cooked venison burger with my dogs dry dog food?
    I feed my dogs Blue Buffalo brand Holistic all natural dog food. It is not cheap. I thought by adding the venison it would stretch the dry food.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. And honestly you don't even need to cook it. Animals have much higher concentrations of stomach acid, and in the wild they would eat raw meat. It actually might be better for the dog to get a little fresh meat now and then. Good luck!

    Will switching between dog food and people food screw up my dogs stomachs?
    My dogs where on people food for awhile but they lost a lot of weight so we found natural dog food but we are flying threw it and it's so my mom said to feed the boys (my dogs) people food for dinner a couple times a week. I love making them dinner but will it screw their stomachs up? They have potatoes, carrots, celery and ground turkey for dinner.

    • ANSWER:
      Not only can changing food lead to digestive upsets, feeding other than a carefully balanced diet can lead to severe, even fatal problems. While carrots and celery may be good for you, even cooked, dogs can't digest much of them. To get all of some amino acids, they might need a huge amount of turkey.

      You need to go to a dog food. Even the common brands are carefully formulated to provide the complete and balanced diet dogs need. Those bashing them are lying to sell more expensive foods or ignorantly repeating others lies. So pick a food you can afford to feed all the time and stick to it.

    What is a good natural/fresh dog food recipe for optimal health?
    I have two dogs that I am considering feeding a natural/fresh food diet rather than store bought dog food but have no idea how to start. I want them to get all the appropriate nutrients and need to know appropriate serving sizes. One of the boys is a 105lb. Chocolate Lab. The other is a 52lb. Lab/Saluki mix. I would really appreciate answers from vetrinarians or other dog care professional who are familiar with the nutritional needs of these breeds.

    • ANSWER:
      The ultimate food would be a whole carcass but a 'frankenprey' diet of meat, meaty bones and organs is nearly as good.

      I have been raw feeding for several years and my animals eat a variety of foods; beef, lamb, chicken, fish (fresh and tinned), goat, pork, kangaroo etc. If you aim to feed about 2/3 muscle/meat (including heart) and the rest a combination of meaty bones and organs like brains, liver and kidney over the course of a week or two then your dogs (ALL BREEDS) will get all the nutrients they need. The only supplement you need to use is fish body oil if you can't get pasture raised meats.

      The general guide is to either feed 15-25% of the dog's body weight a week or 2-3% a day. I would start your lab on about 2.5 lbs and the mix on about 1.25 (this is about 2.5%) adjust these amounts up or down based on the appearance of your dogs.

      "Dogs are Carnivores" An article clearly explaining the physiological reasons behind this classification and the effects of feeding inappropriate foods…
      A feeding guide published by Dr Tom Lonsdale, a vet who advocates raw feeding and has been widely published…
      A website debunking some of the many myths regarding raw feeding and bones.

    What are your experiences with Halo dog food?
    Hi! I've recently started feeding my dog Halo dog food because it's more natural. My little Yorkie cleans his bowl all up every meal-time and seems so happy with it. I want to know your experiences with Halo dog food, but if you don't feed Halo, what are your experiences with any other food?

    • ANSWER:
      I feed it to my cat and older dog.
      Its meat content is lower than what I'd prefer, but for whatever reasons my pets LOVE it. This is the same dog that I couldn't get to eat anything but generic puppy chow. So its a switch to the better.

      Whats great, though, is that its available at TONS of grocery stores, including the small one at town, so its easy to get (whereas I have to go to a specialty store for the other dogs' food)

    What is the best dog food for a toy breed, specifically a papillon?
    I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who eat Natural Balance small bites, but the kibbles are too big and too crunchy for my papillon. She gets bored and stops eating too soon. She needs something that is smaller or not quite so hard. What is the best dry dog food for such a small toy breed as the papillon?

    • ANSWER:
      Buying the most expensive food isn't necessary, but buying the healthiest food is. The healthier foods usually are higher priced due to better ingredients. Just like with people feeding a good diet is very important and brands like Purina, Pedigree, Beneful etc... aren't going to cut it.

      Adding some canned food or water to moisten the food is a great idea too.

      Some good brands are
      Natura Products (Innova, EVO, California Natural etc... EVO makes a small bite option)
      Solid Gold (also has a small bite option)
      Ziwi Peak (isn't a kibble and easier to chew)
      Taste of the Wild
      Nature's Variety
      Nature's Logic (has small kibble)
      Wellness (has a small bite option as well)
      Fromm (the kibble is also quite small)
      to name a few

      Here's some sites as well

      Nutro has had a lot of quality control issues. They have made many dogs sick and even killed some. They are owned by Mars and have yet to take responsibility for what they have done. They have also changed ingredients recently and are quite over priced for what they are selling.

    What is the concern surrounding grain free dog food?
    I recently bought a bag of grain-free dog food and a salesperson asked if I had ever fed my dog grain free before. I have - he's on Natural Balance now and I'm hoping to switch him to Evo. I understand there's a higher protein level and the dog is fed less. We switched him to grain free in hopes of helping his dry, itchy skin. I'm just curious if there's something about grain free foods that I'm missing. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Grains can definitely be a source of itching. They are also very fermentable in the gut and are often the cause of gas and diarrhea. But not all grain free foods are equal. Often dog food companies will just switch out grains for another carb, which isn't really any better. Dogs don't have the ability to process carbohydrates very well. Bacteria and yeast feed on carbohydrates, so excessive amounts of carbs can cause an overgrowth throughout the body, which leads to itching. They can also stick like glue to the tiny hairs lining the intestines. This will decrease the body's ability to absorb nutrients so it compensates by thinning the intestine walls so nutrients can be absorbed directly into the blood stream. But the problem with that is undigested proteins escape into the body and cause an allergic reaction (the immune system goes crazy to attack those foreign proteins) which in turn causes itchiness. So its not only grains but any carbohydrate has the potential to cause itching. The best grain free foods are going to be low in carbohydrates and high protein. You also want to consider the carbohydrate source used. Potatoes and tapioca are high glycemic/sugar and offer very little nutritionally. All dry foods do need some sort of carbs though. Peas, sweet potato or yams are a better choice. EVO is a good brand. Their Weight Management formula it one of the lowest carb dry food formulas available, and it uses peas instead of potato.

      High protein is not bad for dogs. It's what they are designed to eat. It will not damage their kidneys or liver. And feeding a low protein diet will not in any way reduce the risk of kidney or liver disease. Dogs that already have kidney or liver disease may need to avoid high protein foods but for a healthy dog it will be no problem. The danger is really the quality of protein fed and low moisture. Low quality protein sources, like by-products, can cause liver/kidney damage. So you do want to use a good brand, preferably one that uses human quality ingredients. Also to process protein a lot of water is needed. Eating dehydrated foods is very harsh on the liver and kidneys. Dogs are really not very good at knowing how much water to drink since they are designed to eat high moisture foods. So its best to add water to dry foods. That way the organs will stay properly hydrated.

      Here is a vets explanation of a dog's protein requirement.

      Also some things you might want to consider for dry itchy skin is the addition of omega 3/fish oil, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. These are things that all dry and caned foods are lacking. Heat and air destroys the natural omegas, enzymes, and good bacteria. These things play a big part in skin health. And enzymes and probiotics will help repair any damage to the intestine walls. Also if you want something you can apply topically for the dry skin, try coconut oil. You can just use the kind you cook with. And it has the added benefit of being antimicrobial, so if your dog breaks the skin while itching, it will help keep it from getting infected.

      I know how you feel. My dog has been struggling with skin problems for a while. I saw no improvement with the first grain free food I tried. I figured out it was because it was still very high in carbohydrates. As soon as I switched to a low carb food I saw immediate improvements. But it can take quite a while for the skin problems to resolve completely.

    how do i know what percentage of protein i should be looking for on a bag of dog food. ingredients listed can?
    dog food
    i have a male doberman pincher,2 yrs. old.we play with him in the yard,running and chasing ball., when we can't get him out on the frozen lake for a good run. vet says he's a bit overweight, should be 75lbs. he is 100. he doesn;t look overweight.

    • ANSWER:
      EDIT - Okay so I would put him on a high protein reduced calorie diet... there is Natural Balance Reduced Calorie, it is more on the expensive side, but it is good high quality food.

      Here is a list of other websites with good high quality food

    Can my puppy start eating adult dog food?
    I have a 5 month old puppy who's currently on Nutro natural puppy food. My adult dog is on Wellness Super5Mix & for some reason that's the only dog food my puppy enjoys. Every time I feed them she'll ignore her puppy food & go straight over to the adult food. Can I start switching her over to the adult Wellness food or no?

    • ANSWER:
      slowly start to introduce the wellness food to her puppy food by mixing a little bit in then increase this amount until it is completely wellness food. if you suddenly feed it to her she could become unwell and not get all the nutrients she needs. also do not let her snack on the other dogs adult food it can lead to bad habits

    Where can I get the really good dog food?
    Right now we're feeding Eukanuba, mostly because we were nearly out of the Nutro stuff and couldn't make it to Petsmart. Now, I know neither of these are very good, but we were instructed that the Nutro stuff *natural choice* was the best at Petsmart.

    I know of four places to get dog-food. Grocery store *no* pet store *no* petsmart *no* and the vet *aparantly no, too*

    Now, I guess I should go ahead and ask what the BEST food for my 4-ish month old papillon puppy. So put that in question form and answer it.

    And then, all important, WHERE can I buy it? Internet is an option, I s'pose.

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like the internet may be one of your few options, but I have another. Have you checked with any of your local animal boarders or doggy day cares? Check with a high-end boarder. They often carry high end food for their boards. Another would be for you to make the food, yourself. Here is an article that should be able to help:

    How do I prepare venison into a quality dog food?
    I have an entire freezer filled with hind quarters and racks of ribs from deer that have been harvested by friends. Is there a good recipe for good natural venison dog food out there?
    Thanks for the ideas, I have about as much jerkey made up as we can stand.

    For some reason, anytime I give him anything raw he tries to bury it.

    • ANSWER:
      As part of our feeding program we feed meat scraps to our team of sled dogs. Boil it down in a pot of water, once it is falling apart add rice till done. It is a watery soupy meal he should love. If your dog is not overweight and is active you can add lard of corn oil as well.
      It is Not a complete diet, so make sure you supplement it with a high quality kibble and /or supplement like Impact or EnergyPac.

      Not sure of 1 dog proportions (we are feeding 40), but here is my best guess. 2 pounds of meat, 6 cups water, 1 cup rice, fat as needed.

    I have a 6 month old Chuhuahua, I want to start feeding her diffent dog food all natural?
    nothing added or fillers, what is the best can and dry dog food for her? Also what is the best treats for her too, Please give me ideas thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I recommend a prey model raw diet. Start with muscle meat, like pork tongue chunks. Then you can start adding a muscle/organ mix, like ground bison supermix (lung, green tripe, heart, liver, kidney, trachea, gullet, and spleen).

    What kind of Dog food should I feed my dog?
    I have a large dog that we currently feed Nutro Natural Choice for large dogs with lamb and rice. I just want to know if I can be doing better or is this dog food good? Its first ingrediant is lamb meal, but aint I supposed to be avoiding things with the word meal in it? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Lamb meal is fine.. You want to avoid things like
      poultry by products, animal meal, fish meal, animal digest, corn wheat, menadione sodium bisulfite complex, bha/bht, ethoxyquin, dyes, sugars, fillers.

      You are actually getting more meat protein using lamb meal than if the first ingredient was just plain old lamb.

      Avoid Beneful, Pedigree, Ol Roy, Kibbles N Bits, Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet. All Purina products. . Etc.. VERY Crappy dog foods, no nutritional value at all.. It's actually cheaper to feed a good quality food. As they eat less overall.

    What brand of dog food should you feed your dog?
    imas or purina or a natural dog food or do you think one that
    that has less amount of sugar in there diet so they do not scratch alot..

    • ANSWER:
      Instead of shopping by brand, shop by the list of ingredients. Stay away from anything that doesn't have meat as the first ingredient. Also stay away from anything that lists by-products.

      Here's a good site to help you understand what you are feeding your dog:

    What is the protein content in Nutro Natural Choice Lite dog food?
    I bought Nutro Natural Choice Lite dog food, which is listed on the Petsmart, and various other, websites to have a crude protein of 14%(min,) yet on the package it says the protein is 17%(min).

    Anyone know why this is and what the actual protein content is?

    • ANSWER:
      The protein content in Nutro Natural Choice Lite is 17%. I'm so glad to hear you are feeding Nutro Natural Choice food. It's a wonderful food that does not contain any chicken by-products, ground corn or wheat. It's the only food that actually guarantees improvement in skin and coat or your money back. It's also made in the US in Nutro's own factories. I'm a pet nutrition specialist with Nutro and have been feeding it for over 20 years to all my pets and it has always worked great. Here's a link where you can read more about Natural Choice. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or contact our customer care team at 1-800-833-5330.

    What is a good dog food for a dog w/ a sensitive stomach?
    I have a 7 month old rottweiler puppy who has a very sensitive stomach. She gets diarrhea from any new food, or any kind of treat./ This has been confirmed by the Vet. She isn't sick w/ anything like parvo. SHe is currently on California Naturals. Is that a good dog food for a sensitive stomach? Or should I gradually switch her to a better dog food, and if so what is better thatn that?

    • ANSWER:
      "Purina ONE Sensitive Systems" is what I use for my Old English Sheepdog (they have puppy and adult versions of this product). It cost more that the regular dog food but is much much better for the dog. The main ingredient in it is salmon. I've also been told by my vet that any oatmeal based dog food is the best. But the problem is that I can't find one anywhere.
      Don't use any of the regular type dog food. If you look on the nutrition label, the main ingredient is corn and that's bad for the dog.
      Good luck!

    What about Diamond Naturals for a quality dog food?
    I read the ingredients on a web site for Diamond Naturals and it may be right for my 2 year old yellow lab. I haven't tried it yet but he is a very picky "dog food" eater as his previous owner raised him on table scraps and other garbage. He is a beautiful, very bright dog with EXCESSIVE SHEDDING!!!! I am trying to find quality food and supplements for him. He has some itching as well (no fleas). Any thoughts on the Diamond Naturals? It's a great price as well!

    • ANSWER:
      I prefer "Chicken Soup" over "Diamond Naturals" (both are made by Diamond) because "Chicken Soup" appears to have higher meat content, but Diamond Naturals is still a pretty good choice, especially if you live in a rural area where there is limited selection of dog foods.

      (The original Diamond line is cruddy, so don't use that.)

      It is definitely worth giving it a go with the Diamond Naturals.
      First two ingredients are named meats, and there is no corn or wheat, no byproducts, no carcinogenic preservatives, etc.

      Diamond Naturals is MUCH MUCH better than foods like Iams, Science Diet, Eukanuba, etc.



      Diamond Naturals is better quality than Purina Pro-Plan. Here is a comparison of the Chicken & Rice varieties of each.

      Purina Pro-Plan (first 5 ingredients):
      (1) Chicken = GOOD ingredient, but inclusive of 70-80% water, so not the "real" first ingredient of the food, and likely not in the top 5.
      (2) brewers rice = low quality 'filler' grain. BAD ingredient.
      (3) whole grain wheat = high-allergy grain.
      (4) poultry by-product meal = random parts from "mystery birds". BAD ingredient.
      (5) corn gluten meal = low-quality binder. BAD ingredient.
      ( )

      Diamond Naturals (first 5 ingredients):
      (1) Chicken = GOOD ingredient, but inclusive of 70-80% water, so not the "real" first ingredient of the food, and likely not in the top 5
      (2) chicken meal = chicken with water weight removed. GOOD ingredient.
      (3) whole grain brown rice = low-allergy, easily digestible grain. GOOD ingredient.
      (4) white rice = low-allergy, easily digestible grain. GOOD ingredient.
      (5) cracked pearled barley = low-allergy, high quality grain. GOOD ingredient.
      ( )


    What are some good dog foods and bad dog foods?
    I want to know what dog foods are good and bad. Like natural and the bad ones I should avoid giving my dog.

    • ANSWER:
      Good: Nutro Natural Choice, Innova, EVO, Blue Buffalo, Orijen, Taste of The Wild.

      Bad: Purina, Iams, Kibbles n Bits, Pedigree, Science Diet, Beneful, Shep.

      Almost any dog food bought at a grocery store is bad.

    If my dog food doesn't have by-products, then why does it still smell bad?
    I got this high quality dog food called "natural balance", and all of the ingredients are really good stuff. The only thing that I wonder about is why it smells just like every other dog food if it has all this good stuff in it and NOT biproducts. Help?

    • ANSWER:
      Most dog food is made of stuff that we wouldn't necessarily find appetizing, like raw lamb, chicken or fish. If it smells bad it is probably because it has a high protein content (which can be good depending on your dog's age and activity level). It could also have some additives in it to make it smell that way and therefore be more appetizing to your dog. The point is, there is nothing wrong with it. In this case, stinky food is a good thing!

    What is the best dog food brand for my Toy Poodle?

    I have a 2 year old red toy poodle. I was wondering what would be the healthiest dog food for her (i.e. California Natural, Eukanuba, etc.)?


    PS: The dog is healthy, with all her necessary vaccines and shots, and she has no worms nor diseases... in case that helps pinpoint the best food for her haha...

    • ANSWER:
         Food is the fuel of all life. The quality of the fuel directly relates to how well the body can operate. Low quality dog food, such as Beneful, Pedigree, Ol’ Roy, Purina, Eukanuba, Iams, Science Diet, etc., are filled with *empty* calories. These foods are made with keeping costs down in mind, *not* in the best interest of nutrition. When you think of healthy food, do you think of Nestle of Mars (both heavily invested in producing candy)? What about Del Monte (heavily invested in produce, especially corn…)?

         Heck, just go to Beneful’s or Pedigree’s websites, they’re full of promotions, coupons, streaming audio and video, and heart-warming catchy slogans; they know that as long as they paint a pretty picture, the “sheeple” of the world will think it must be good because they got a warm and fuzzy feeling by the advertising.

      Let’s take Pup-peroni (by Del Monte), for example, a quick scan of the ingredients raises eyebrows:

         - Meat By-products – Definition: The non-rendered, clean parts, other
           than meat, derived from slaughtered mammals. It includes, but is not
           limited to, lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, livers, blood, bone,
           partially defatted low temperature fatty tissue, and stomachs and
           intestines freed of their contents
         - Sugar – Because all dogs need sugar, right?
         - Propylene Glycol – Here’s a few uses of this chemical (from Wikipedia):
            + As the main ingredient in deodorant sticks
            + As a medical and sexual lubricant
            + As the killing and preserving agent in pitfall traps, usually used
              to capture ground beetles
            + As a solvent used in mixing photographic chemicals, such as film
            + In hand sanitizers, antibacterial lotions, and saline solutions

      How about Pedigree (made by M&M’s company Mars), you know ‘Really good food for dogs’:

         - First ingredient – GROUND WHOLE CORN (read, nutritionally void filler)
         - Corn Gluten Meal – This is a well-known (even patented) herbicidal agent
           used for weed control in lawns and gardens!
         - Wheat Mill Run – Definition: Commonly referred to as "floor sweepings",
           this ingredient is nothing more than inexpensive filler with little or
           no nutritional value.
         - Chicken by-product meal: Consists of the ground, rendered, clean parts
           of the carcass of slaughtered chicken, such as necks, feet, undeveloped
           eggs and intestines, exclusive of feathers, except in such amounts as
           might occur unavoidable in good processing practice. Chicken by-product
           costs less than chicken muscle meat and lacks the digestibility of
           chicken muscle meat.

      Chemical additives aside, let’s analyze the recommended serving size between Pedigree and a quality food like Orijen. Being that Pedigree is mostly fillers, your poor dog has to eat so much more just to get the calories to survive when compared to a quality food that actually contains real meat. You ready?

          Pedigree (50-75lb. dog): 4 to 5-1/3 cups a day
          Orijen (45-75lb. dog): 1-3/4 to 2-1/2 cups a day!

         Orijen costs more, but you feed less, AND the quality is superb. Just look at the difference in the ingredients and it’s painfully obvious which is a quality food.


      Orijen: Deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, russet potato, lake whitefish, chicken fat, sweet potato, whole eggs, turkey, salmon meal, salmon and anchovy oils, salmon, natural chicken flavour, sunflower oil, sun-cured alfalfa, dried brown kelp, carrots, spinach, peas, tomatoes, apples, psyllium, dulse, glucosamine Hcl, cranberries, black currants, rosemary extract, chondroitin sulfate, sea salt.

      You can apply this same analogy TO EVERY SINGLE PET FOOD IN THE GROCERY / CHAIN PET STORES!

      NEWS FLASH: Science Diet is crap food too! Yes, your vet makes *MONEY* by selling it, not to mention a SIGNIFICANT number of veterinary school programs ARE FUNDED by Hill’s!
      There is nothing scientific about their “diet”. The science they use is how to make a profit.

      Quality foods: Innova, California Natural, EVO,, Wellness, Wellness Core,, Canidae, Merricks, Artemis, Taste of the Wild, Nature's Variety, Solid Gold-Barking at the Moon, Go!, Now! Canidae-, Eagle Pack Holistic Chicken (avoid regular Eagle Pack)and Timberwolf.

      Bottom line, read ingredients. They say a lot!

    What is Diatomaceous Earth and why would it be added to holistic dog food?
    I started feeding my dog a holistic dog food and it says it has this ingredient in it.
    It says: "Diatomaceous Earth, a natural fossil shell flour known to fight parasite".
    But if my dog doesn't have parasites why would I want this to be in his pet food?
    So I want to know is it safe that it's in my dog food? It is one of the last ingredients, so I don't think there is too much but maybe I should change foods?
    But, my dog gets Flea preventative every month called: "Revolution" and that's really strong stuff. So would it be bad that I'm feeding Diatomaceous Earth and putting on Revolution at the same time???

    Please help?

    • ANSWER:
      It prevents them.

      Yes, it is safe. holistic vets recommends it over the flea chemicals the conventional vet likes to sell.

      No, you are fine to do both. DE is not a chemical.

    Suggestions for dry dog food for a 25 lb puggle, currently on Evolve?
    My one year old puggle is currently on Evolve, a premium dog food, but it is not available from stores nearby. Any suggestions for a quality food that is more readily available at Petco? They have science diet, natural balance and several others, but I get overwhelmed by all the hype. Money is not a problem, she is a small dog and we go through a 20 lb bag in one month, but she has a delicate stomach, and I don't want to change her food more than necessary. Thanks for your suggestions.

    • ANSWER:
      You sound a lot like me. I have a 10mos old English Bulldog now but when we first got him I wanted him on the best food possible, money wasn't a problem.

      Evolve is a good food but if you're having issues getting it there are a few others that are just as good if not a little better too.

      I am hooked on Royal Canin, it's kinda expensive but really great dry food. Cool thing about Royal Canin is that they have a special food blend for almost everybreed of dog. You probably want the "Mini, Indoor Puppy" one, or "Small Breed" when he's older.
      The other option is Solid Gold, probably the Hundchen Flocken one. Thats a great food too.

      You definitely want to stay away from the bulk brand stuff and the foods they carry at grocery stores, horrible for your dog. They are mostly made of cornmeal, wheats, etc. and contain low nutritional value.

      Whichever food you choose, switch over gradually, over the course of a week or two. Start with like 80% usual food and 20% new food for a few days then work up from there with the new food. End up on all new food after about 10-14 days. This will ease the stomach of your dog and adjust it to the new food.

      Good luck!

    How much do you spend on your large breeds dog food?
    So i just got a doberman and he about 80 pounds full grown. he is currently on natural balance dog food. i was wondering how much money would you spend a month on dry dog food? If you buy the large bags that are 30 pounds? Which cost 50 dollars for the 30 pound bag? How much food does a large breed eat monthly?
    does he eat the whole bag in a month? or?? im confused on this part?
    does he eat the whole bag in a month? or?? im confused on this part?

    • ANSWER:
      I spend .00 on a13.5kg (30lb) bag of Taste of the Wild dry food, with a bag lasting six weeks for an adult Doberman.
      That works out at approximately .00 per month for one adult Doberman.

      Good value considering the quality of the ingredients and it agrees with both my Dobermans, with healthy and regular digestive systems.

      A Doberman that conforms to its standard is of medium size not large.
      I prefer the FCI standard for the Doberman, link included below.

    What type of dog food would you recommend?
    Personally I like Innova dog food for my dog. However, my cousin is going to be working at Petco and he can get a discount for whatever dog food he purchases from there. What, if any, dog food brands would you recommend from Petco. Ones without by products and cornmeal in them. What do you guys think about Blue Buffalo or IAMS or Natural Balance, etc.

    • ANSWER:
      Iams actually isn't a very good food, I'm looking at several of their foods now and the first ingredient is corn or corn meal and on the other ones, corn or some form of it is high up on the ingredient list. Yuck!
      Think of it this way. Anything you can buy at a grocery store (ie walmart, Giant, Weis, or wahtever you have in your area) is goign to be like feeding your dog McDonald's every day. Crappy food: lots of fillers which means your pet gains weight from that, plus eats more (fillers fill you up for shorter amount of time than good food) which costs you more and they put on MORE weight.. plus all the other various health reasons.

      Blue Buffalo is excellent.
      NB looks alright, but it looks like they really focus on veggies instead of meats. Dogs (and cats) are "obligate carnivores" they HAVE to have meat..

      This is a good site to give you some ideas.

      If money is an issue, I always recommend Costco's Brand, Kirkland. It's a decent food for the price.
      Good luck

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